How to explode your list with ListInfinity Viral List Building

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How to explode your list with ListInfinity Viral List Building

Today I want talk to you about a new system called ListInfinity Review.

ListInfinity is a viral email list building system that also pays you instant
$10 and $100 commissions and those commissions get paid directly into your
paypal or stripe account which is really nice.

ListInfinity is a viral list building system and so its going to be a great
way for you to get started in the profitable email marketing business.

ListInfinity is a program that basically going to teach you how to build a
nice email list with the help of other people helping you to build your list.

Depending on what level you get started, every 5th lead generated will be
automatically pass up to you so that the viral part. Imagine if you have
100 new leads and every 5th of the leads will be pass up to you, you’re
actually getting a 20% of the leads that will be pass up to you. As such,
you will be able to build your list in a much more faster pace than the
usual 1 lead at a time.

How to explode your list with ListInfinity Viral List Building

Inside the member’s area, there are beautiful high converting done-fory-you
lead capture pages that you can use to promote ListInfinty so that you don’t
have to worry about creating these lead capture pages.

You can integrate with your autoresponder so you can followup with the leads
for more sales to come. You can use any autoresponder but I am using
Leadsleap, because LeadsLeap is a user-friendly multi function email list
building system. When combining both ListInfinity & LeadsLeap, you’re
having a very powerful viral leads building system that works 24/7.

The leads captured will able to earns you immediate $10 or $100 commissions,
depending on which level that you started. I wanted to make full use of
the system and earns full commission, so I had decided to upgrade to the
$100 level and I never regret doing that. It’s so fun now building my
list because I can also get paid to build my list! You will get paid
immediately to your Paypal or stripe account, if your subscriber decides
to make upgrade to have the same benefit as what you had.

There are also additional income streams inside the system that you can
set up, so that you are able to earn other additional affilaite income
besides building your viral list.

There are various traffic trainings courses inside the member’s area
such as:

  1. Facebook Marketing Plan
  2. Success Mindset
  3. Solo Ad Secretes
  4. Solo Ad Rolodex
  5. Instagram Marketing
  6. Free Facebook Marketing
  7. Youtube Marketing
  8. Tiktok Marketing
  9. $10K Blueprint

Every traffic training modules above outlines how you can start
getting traffic, both free and paid traffic you can use to drive
traffic to your lead capture pages to build your list.

The traffic training tactics are practical and easy to understand
and especially the facebook marketing, you can get alot of income
proofs showing how effective the system is doing and real
testimonials from real users. They are real people who are earning
those $100s on a daily basis and is very motivating to see these
income proofs.

How to explode your list with ListInfinity Viral List Building

You can integrate either Paypal or stripe to receive these immediate
direct payments. This is also what I like about this ListInfinity
system because you can receive immediate payments direct to your
account, without having to wait for 2 weeks or more for any payments.

In addition, because with the list that you are building, you can
send great offers to your list subscribers to earn additional income.
These will be additional income on top of your list building income.

They have an active Facebook group that you can get high converting
income proof images to share. Post these proofs to your own Facebook
pages and start getting more leads. When new leads start seeing your
income proofs, this will encourage them to follow you and make more

There are done-for-you email sequences that you can incorporate into
your autoresponder. There are 30 follow up email letters that you can
use to put into your autoresponder. I am using Leadsleap autoresponder
because it is easy to use. Leadsleap is by far one of the most
comprehensive autoresponder and leads tracker tool on the internet.
Leadsleap is also a lot more affordable compared to any other leads
building plateforms.

How do you get paid with ListInfinity?

If you upgrade to the PRO level, you will make a one-time payment to
the list owner (the person who refer and owns that lead page)
so that you can also use the same system for yourself, and there’s
a $25 one-time administrative fee to the Admin Owner, which is
admin fee to Derrick Van Dyke, the owner/admin. This $25 admin fee
is necessary because of the high costs in maintaining the server
and ensuring the system is well updated and in good operational
order so that members get latest updated info and system is in good
working condition.

There are about 15 High Converting lead pages which you can use
to promote ListInfinity. Every member who sign up will get these
high converting lead capture pages so they can start generating
leads for themselves.

When you are in the started level (which is the $10 level) anyone
whom you referred decided to upgrade to the Starter level, you get
to keep that $10 upgrade fee. But if you’re only at the $10 level,
and your prospect upgraded to the PRO Level ($100 Level), this
$100 will be pass up to your next upline who up had upgraded to
their PRO Level. As such, if you want to benefit from the full
$100 payments, it is advisable to upgrade to the next highest
level in your soonest available time.

There are promotional material inside the member’s area to help
you with promoting with ListInfinity.

Check out the Listinfinity Video Here.

How to explode your list with ListInfinity Viral List Building

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