Get to know The LeoClassifieds

LeoClassifieds platform was created to help the community connects with each-other, give values, improve their lives, and grow their businesses worldwide.


LeoClassifieds is designed as a community listing website, best used for anywhere in the world. Find your fancy, reach billions of people from all around the world. Find the bundles of joy and enjoy a lifetime member offer.


Today, LeoClassifieds can be found among the list of classifieds site around the world, used by one in three adults every month. Not just limited to buying and selling or business placement., Our users can also discover so much more that you never know until you give it a shot. As the world evolves, so do we. We now offer a tailored experience to every of our users.

The goal is to give back. This is so, for every proceed that is made there is a set percentage that goes back to the community. (#WorldHunger#Charity)
Plus we’re proud to be recognized as one of the biggest private motor’s markets in the world.


As a classified’s platform, we are with our users’ safety. We have a sophisticated system for screening each Listing, finding inaccuracies and encouraging best practice.

While our new user ratings tool means anyone, who uses any category on The LeoClassifieds Platform. knows more about who they’re dealing with. We’ve also improved our cyber security, and this have helped our users to enjoy a great online experience.

We’re determined to become a top 5 digital destination around the world, and help more people find opportunities to improve their lives and their Businesses worldwide through LeoClassifieds.